Northup McConnell & Sizemore, PLLC


Scales of Justice

Specific areas of practice include the following:

Professional Malpractice
Insurance Defense Litigation
Workers' Compensation
Patent Litigation
Intellectual Property Litigation
Business Litigation
Products Liability
Commercial Litigation
Complex Litigation
Construction Law
Education Law

Practice Areas

Northup McConnell & Sizemore focuses its practice on adversarial matters, whether in the area of personal injury litigation, business litigation or workers' compensation claims. Northup McConnell & Sizemore has experience in all levels of handling claims; taking sworn statements, investigating to see whether a claim exists or should be defended; on through the hearing or trial stage and concluding with the appellate work which arises from representing clients in contested matters. The firm has particular expertise in all of these areas, given the breadth of experience of the attorneys involved in matters for the firm.

Brady Fulton also has a particular expertise in patent litigation and all forms of intellectual property litigation. Brady was a partner at renowned IP litigation firm Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro of Chicago, Illinois for a number of years before joining the firm in 2009. Brady's many years of work at Niro, Scavone involved complex patent litigation on behalf of Black & Decker, as well as representing a number of patent holders and trade secret owners whose intellectual property rights were being infringed. Brady has continued his work in this area since relocating to Asheville, and represents clients with respect to patent, trade secret, copyright, and trademark litigation.

In representing its clients, Northup McConnell & Sizemore uses a team approach, pulling together the best personnel for any particular task, whether it is contacting the numerous expert witnesses with whom we have established personal and professional relationships, or using our own certified and experienced personnel in-house.